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cheap ugg boots womens here are having the exquisite craftsmanship and the high quality; you will never be disappointed here. Next, you need enough potting medium to fill the pool. For my bog, I used peat moss and perlite in a 50/50 mix. The big bale of peat and the big bag of perlite just about did it. If you have another preferred potting medium, feel free to use it. Next, dig a round hole a little bit larger in diameter than your pool. Ideally, you like a space of about 3 5 inches (8 12cm) around the outside of the pool. This makes it harder for pests to climb in, and gives you a place to stuff the excess plastic that will be left over at the end. The depth of the hole is up to you. Deeper means more insulation, but shallower means that pests and weeds will have a harder cheap ugg handbags time getting in. Too shallow, and the pool will see greater wear, both from the weight of the full bog (The sides of a deeper hole will help support the sides of the pool), and from greater exposure cheap ugg dakota to sunlight, which will make the plastic brittle. cheap ugg boots brisbane I dug about two thirds the height of the pool, and it was about right. Next, fold the rest of the plastic sheet over the top of the pool. At this point, the pool should be loosely, but completely covered with the plastic. The top layer will form the floor of the bog. The bog is now ready to be loaded with potting medium. If you haven already mixed it, this is a fine time to do it. Don completely fill the pool with potting medium just yet, but stop when the level is about two inches (5cm) below where you want it to be, and flatten the top surface. cheap ugg original cheap original ugg boots china cheap knock off ugg boots ugg boot outlet orlando florida
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